Robotic Day 2015
June 13-14, Prague, CZ

Charles University, Prague
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Robonika Association

Robotic Day is an international event for presentation and promotion of robotics, for example:
  • •  Contests for robots prepared by the event participants
  • •  Art presentations related to robotics
  • •  Presentation of student projects regardless on the school type
  • •  Presentation of companies which concern on robotics and related areas

2015 – 12th Edition

  • •  Competitions will be held on June 13 and 14, 2015.
  • •  Open for public on June 14, 10am-5pm, free entry.

Contests rules:

  • •  Rules for all competitions will be published here:
  • Contest Description Rules and FAQ Forum
    Art, Robots & Entertainment Open contest for art / robotics / entertainment - art used in robotics, robots used in art, entertainment robotics, ... soon ...
    Bear Rescue Beginner remotely controlled Find the bear and bring it home as fast as possible PDF
    Bear Rescue Advanced autonomous
    Ketchup House autonomous Collect more cans than the opponent in the ketchup store PDF
    Line Follower autonomous Follow black line and run over the course as fast as possible soon ...
    Mini Sumo autonomous Push the opponent off the playing field PDF
    RoboCarts autonomous Be faster than fellow robots in a course race PDF
    All contest have also the "construction kit" variant. The robot is fully built using a selected construction kit PDF FAQ
  • •  All contests are open to participants from any country.
  • •  There is no age limit for the contests.

Company presentations:

  • •  During the Robotic day, there will be a possibility for the companies to show what they do. It can be in the form of scheduled demo, in a stand, during the on-stage company presentation etc. Please contact us to discuss more: web form.

Project presentations:

  • •  In addition to contests, there will be also student project presentations held at Robotic Day. If you want to present something, contact us using the web form.
  • •  Do you have something robot-related you could show? Let us know!


  • •  Robot contest registrations: online form (the registration app needs JavaScript. if you do not see the link, you do not have JavaScript enabled. Enable it and reload this page.).
  • •  Proposals for demos, stands, company presentations (student as well as company proposals): web form.
  • •  Registration end: April 30, 2015


  • •  June 13: 10am-12am registration & homologation, 1pm-6pm first competition rounds
  • •  June 14: 10am-5pm competitions, presentations, finales


Sponsoring / cooperation:

  • •  If you want to sponsor the event or help with the organisation, please contact us by email contect address or directly using the contacts below.

Discussion forum

  • •  You can discuss the Robotic Day, the contests, rules etc. in the forum.


Recent editions of Robotic Day:

Selected Czech robotic pages:


For more information, please send us an email: (contact placeholder) or contact Dr. David Obdrzalek at (kontakt), tel. (+420) 221 914 270 or (+420) 728 606 425.


Do you want to cooperate and support or sponsor the Robotic Day or other robotic activities? Please contact us!



For organizers,

David Obdržαlek, Charles University, Prague
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